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Most tourist spots around the hotel and venue are natural scenery, national parks, amusement parks, and cultural/historical museums/attractions. Some of them are near the hotel and the venue, some of them need more time to get and spend there. We select and recommend some “hot spots” that may be easy for you to “pay a visit” during the conference period as in below. If you plan to stay in Taiwan longer and want to explore more other places, please refer to some useful links about travelling information below. Please also note that if you wish to go to a greater distance place such as Taipei(台北), Taichung(台中), or Kaohsiung(高雄) we highly recommend you to catch a train from the THSR Chiayi station(高鐵嘉義站). There are two options for you to get to the THSR Chiayi station(高鐵嘉義站) by either using our Univ Shuttle Service (Please refer to our Univ Shuttle Service Information) or hailing a cab. The nominal costs for cab hailing are approximately NT$800 dollars and the travelling time is roughly 30 minutes (either from the venue to THSR Chiayi station(高鐵嘉義站), or Janfusun Prince Hotel(劍湖山王子大飯店) to THSR Chiayi station(高鐵嘉義站)). If you have any queries, please refer to the tourist information from our Tourism Bureau.


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